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1st Annual KCHS Band Mattress Fundraiser

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1st Annual KCHS Band Mattress Fundraiser

To:  Keller Central High School Band Parents
From:  Kevin McNulty
Re:  1st Annual Keller Central Band Mattress Fundraiser 2013
NOTE:  Attachments below.


On July 20th, 2013 our Keller Central High School Band is pleased to host our 1st Annual Mattress Fundraising PALOOZA!  This event has been VERY successful in Texas schools the 3 past years, and we are excited to have the opportunity to run this event at Keller Central High School!

I am very excited about this fundraiser for many reasons:

  • The students do not have to sell anything!
  • The students do not have to collect any money or be responsible for any product distribution!
  • It is a ONE day event that should raise us several thousand dollars!!!! ($16,000+ to offset the Atlanta BOA dues and other expenses!)
  • There is no out of pocket expense to the Band members or School!
  • The fundraising organization is extremely professional, organized, and handles almost all of the legwork!
  • The mattresses are extremely high quality and have outstanding, NON-PRORATED warranties!
  • The mattresses are also deeply discounted: 30%-60% below retail stores!

Our contribution to this event is simply to get the word out about the mattress sale! I am sending this brief note home to make sure you are aware of the event and to let you know what I need the Band members to do.

  1. We need each Band member to find at least 3 people to come in and check out the sale. 1 out of 10 families buys a new mattress every year – so they need to talk to at least 30 people that they know PERSONALLY to find a referral that is in the market!
  2. Enclosed is a flyer that each band member is responsible to distribute with their name on it. It has a spot for their name and a coupon for a potential referral customer to save even more. YOUR FAMILY will receive 25 copies each to hand out. The first 20 need to go on the doors of the 20 neighbors who live closest to you. Your neighbors know your son or daughter and WANT to help him/her raise money! The other 5 copies should be distributed to people YOU KNOW PERSONALLY WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING A MATTRESS IN THE NEXT MONTH ONE OR TWO!
  3. Finally, I need each Band member (with parent) to be at the school @ 9:30 a.m. Saturday the 20th to help promote the event. It will end at 5pm.

Basic info about the sale

  • All mattress sizes including special sizes are available, prices start at $219 for a complete set. There will be 24 different mattress styles, from national name brand manufacturers, to choose from.
  • They can be delivered to your home or picked up at the company’s warehouse in Saginaw about 2 weeks after the sale.
  • No pressure – just savings to our community from 30-60% below retail. All we ask is that people come in and take a look.

It is a pleasure to be able to find a way to help our students while providing cost savings to our community.

We very much appreciate your support of our fundraiser. If you have any mattress specific questions, please email Mitzi Gray from Purple Frog Custom Fundraising at Her company puts on the sale, and she can answer any questions for you.

Thanks for your anticipated help!

Kevin McNulty
Band Director, Keller Central High School

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